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What should I do if wrinkles appear when laminating with a laminating machine? How to solve this problem?

It is common for wrinkles to appear when laminating with a laminating machine. There are many reasons that can cause wrinkles during laminating, and this issue has been widely discussed in the post-press industry. So, how can we solve the problem of wrinkles during laminating with a laminating machine? After years of experience from industry professionals, various solutions have been developed. Let's take a look together. 

Causes and solutions for wrinkles during laminating with a laminating machine:

1. Vertical wrinkles: Excessive tension on the film, inadequate flattening during lamination, and pre-existing creases in the film result in wrinkles after laminating.

Solution: Relax the tension on the film, adjust the flattening rollers properly, and ensure that the film is flattened before lamination.

2. Diagonal wrinkles: Excessive tension on the film and improper adjustment of the roller position result in inconsistent tension on the film, uneven transfer, and regular diagonal wrinkles on the looser side.

Solution: Relax the tension on the film, adjust the flattening rollers, or temporarily change the film.

3. Horizontal wrinkles: Excessive heating roller temperature and excessive pressure from the rubber roller cause the film to be thermally wrinkled during lamination.

Solution: Reduce the temperature of the heating roller appropriately or reduce the pressure of the rubber roller.

4. Excessive temperature during heating causes the film to deform and wrinkle.

Solution: Lower the temperature.

5. High moisture content in the paper causes shrinkage of the paper after lamination, resulting in the film deforming and wrinkling.

Solution: The moisture content of the paper should be around 5%, and maintain normal temperature and humidity in the workspace.

6. Poor operation or presence of dirt on the conductive roller of the laminating machine prevents the film from stretching and running normally.

Solution: Regularly lubricate the bearings of the conductive roller and keep it clean without foreign objects.

7. Insufficient gap between the guiding rollers squeezes the film into wrinkles before lamination.

Solution: Correctly adjust the gap between the guiding rollers.

8. Excessive temperature of the roller causes thermal expansion of the film.

Solution: Lower the temperature of the roller.

9. Misalignment of the film conductive roller causes imbalance in film running.

Solution: Correctly adjust the conductive roller to be parallel.

10. Inconsistent tension or wavy edges on both ends of the film.

Solution: Replace the film with qualified ones.

11. Excessive thickness of the adhesive layer and high viscosity cause slip between the paper and the film after compression.

Solution: Adjust the amount of adhesive applied and increase the drying temperature.



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