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The New Favorite in Electronic Die-cutting Products- Advantages and Applications of Graphene-PET Protective Film

Graphene film is a thin film made of carbon, a non-metallic element, but it possesses the electrical and thermal conductivity of metal materials, as well as the flexibility of organic plastics. Furthermore, it also exhibits special thermal properties, chemical stability, lubrication, and the ability to be applied to solid surfaces, among other good processing properties. Therefore, thermal graphene has been widely used in various fields such as electronics, communications, lighting, aerospace, and national defense industries.

Graphene protective film is mainly used for shock absorption and heat dissipation in electronic products.


High Purity: The thickness of graphene sheets is controlled within 5 layers, ensuring high purity.

High Density: After the production of graphene film, it undergoes precise pressure molding to guarantee its high density, resulting in better thermal conductivity and heat dissipation.

Product Features:

Stable adhesive with no residual glue. The adhesive surface is smooth and free of adhesive particles after die-cutting.

High light transmittance, scratch resistance, suitable for surface protection of various types of products.

Easy to apply and peel off, improving the efficiency of automated assembly and reducing defect rates.

Suitable for die-cutting and processing in electronic manufacturing.


Product Applications:

Signal Shielding: Shielding signals in electronic devices with communication functions such as mobile phones, computers, and GPS devices.

Electromagnetic Interference Prevention: Preventing signal interference in communication devices like mobile phones and TVs, as well as electronic devices like printers and scanners.


Thermal Conductivity and Heat Dissipation: Thermal conduction and heat dissipation in all electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and TVs.

Protection of Graphene Heat Dissipation Sheets during Die-Cutting Processes: Includes satellite circuit heat dissipation, LED lighting heat dissipation, heat dissipation for mobile/computer components, medical equipment heat dissipation, and heat dissipation for laser applications. Protection of Lithium Batteries during Die-Cutting Processes: Such as in new energy vehicles, household appliances, electronic products like computers and mobile phones, and products like aviation and street lights. Protection of Various Electronic Components during Die-Cutting Processes: Such as phone screens, LCD displays, and computers.

Characteristics and Applications of Graphene Protective Film:

Product Features:

High-temperature resistance, good adhesion, and no residual adhesive; mainly used in QFN package processes, EMC resin sealing, PCB and FPC circuit board gold plating protection, and wave soldering fixation.

Product Characteristics:

Good heat resistance, good flatness, and improved efficiency for customer processes; can be customized according to customer requirements, with no burrs on the edges, and suitable for temporary fixing, covering, and protecting and transporting thin film components in heating processes. In addition to acrylic adhesives, adhesives such as silicon suitable for high temperature resistance can also be selected according to the application. Adhesive for SUS plate is 2kg, drum b1, reciprocating 5mm/second. The tape peeling angle is 180°, and the peeling speed is 30mm/minute.



Good heat resistance.

Plays a good role in temporary fixing, covering, protecting, and transporting thin film components in heating processes.

Can be processed into other products for supply.


Carrier: Supporting thin layer materials and protection during transportation.

Temporary Fixation: Used for temporary fixing operations in high-temperature production processes.

Shielding: Used for shielding in encapsulation production processes.

Surface Protection: Protecting CCD glass.

Isolation: Preventing resin leakage during semiconductor packaging and electronic component forming.



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