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Do you know the various uses of die cutting machine?


We all know die cutting machine! There are many fields of use of die cutting machine, it can be in the adhesive products industry glow heating, can also be used as insulation material, can also be used for paper packaging, shockproof products, die cutting machine has many uses, the following are the details:

(1) Die cutting machine is used in paper packaging, including corrugated paper, wrapping paper and cardboard.

(2) In recent years, with the wide application of shielding materials, die cutting machine is also gradually applied to copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive cloth, absorbing materials.

(3) Die cutting machine can be used as shock-proof products, including rebound rubber pad, rubber, transparent foot pad, etc., its elastic force is very good, can give full play to its function.

(4) Die cutting machine can be used in special rubber pads, silicone stickers, Velcro stickers, conductive stickers, strong double-sided stickers and other adhesive products, but also in the IT industry film switch, the use of adhesive products in the automobile manufacturing industry plays an important role.

(5) As a cosmetic cotton, camera cotton, high-density sponge, filter cotton, air filter, non-woven fabric and other dust material, can bring convenience to users, save the cleaning process. It can also be used in fireproof fast bus paper, aluminum foil, copper foil, PVC, PET, kraft paper, sponge sheath, pearl sheath and other insulating materials. According to market research, die-cutting machine is very good in the use of insulating materials.



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