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Analysis of how rotary die-cutting machine work on FPC FPC perforated back glue process

FPC flexible circuit board is characterized by thin and short, so it is also the best choice for most intelligent electronic products, flexible circuit board in the use process is also easy to produce punching, folding, scars and other operations, mechanical strength is small, easy to crack. Therefore, the purpose of laminating reinforcing materials is to strengthen the mechanical strength of FPC flexible circuit board, convenient PCB surface installation parts, etc., the flexible circuit board used in the reinforcing film types, according to the different requirements of the product use, mainly PET, PI, back glue, metal or resin reinforcing board and so on.


Today, we will explain to you the flat knife die-cutting process of FPC with hole backing glue:

1, process name: FPC perforated back glue process

2, product use: fit in the flexible line and circuit screw hole

3, the basic situation of the product: the use of a three-tool, product jump 25.5mm, product specifications 35.6*6.5mm

4, the required material collocation details

Material nameMaterial property
Black glue: width 40mmPET substrate
Black glue: width 40mmSingle side with release surface to ensure cleanliness
0.05 Acrylic protective film 3-5g: width 66mmOne side belt with adsorption force to ensure cleanliness
0.065 White Glassine paper 5-8g: width 48mmOne side with light release force

5. Schematic diagram of operation steps (product operation 3D diagram)


6. Product step description

(1) Laminating steps:

a. First cover 0.075 blue release film with 0.05 acrylic protective film;

b, then paste the black tape surface in the center on the 0.075 blue release film release surface.


(2) Note:

The knife die is punched to the paper surface of the black glue, all holes are cut off, and the handle is lined with a knife, only the black glue is punched off, and the blue film cannot be punched off.


(3) Laminating steps:

a, in the laminating machine to eliminate the handle line knife product intermediate waste;

b, then coil the conductive cloth surface of this layer of self-release paper;

c. Simultaneously covered with 0.065 white Glasin paper.


(4) Two points for attention:

The die is punched to the 0.075 blue release film surface, and the bottom 0.065 white Glasin paper cannot be punched.

(5) Laminating steps:

Remove the waste from the outer frame of the product on the laminating machine, and collect the finished product.


7. Product structure drawing


The machines equipment used in die cutting




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