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Die cutting equipment in the field of medical dressing application trend analysis

Medical-and-Cosmetic.jpg(1) The internal and external demand for medical dressings will tend to be balanced

At present, most medical materials production enterprises in our country are still mainly exporting traditional medical dressings, and most of their sales revenue also mostly come from overseas markets. However, due to the increasing demand of domestic medical dressing market and the intervention of low labor cost ASEAN countries such as Vietnam and Thailand in the international traditional medical dressing market, domestic medical bulk production enterprises will tend to turn their vision back to the local market, and prevent and resolve the risk of overseas market fluctuations by balancing domestic sales and overseas market exports. At the same time, along with the in-depth reform of medical system, the gradual establishment of medical instrument supervision system and the introduction and perfection of medical materials industry standard, will provide a healthy, orderly and standard development environment for Chinese medical dressing industry, for the export mainly enterprises, especially leading enterprises in the industry to re-examine the domestic market has created favorable conditions.

(2) Industry concentration will be improved

At present, the entry threshold of traditional medical dressing industry is low, and there are many domestic manufacturers. According to the statistics of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicine and Health Products, in 2017, there were more than 4500 enterprises engaged in the export of medical dressing products, and the number of export enterprises increased, but most of them are small enterprises. In 2017, the export value of the top 10 enterprises in the industry was $6.6 billion, accounting for 27.1% of the total value. The degree of market concentration was further improved, and the industrial elimination and upgrading were in progress. The important reason for the low entry threshold of medical dressing industry is the lag and limitation of relevant industry standards. 

adhesive-label-film-tape-die-cutting.jpgWith the continuous improvement of industry standards and the establishment of industry supervision system, the industry entry threshold will be relatively raised, the competitive advantages of the leading enterprises in the industry will become more prominent, the disadvantaged enterprises will be gradually eliminated, and the industry concentration will be improved. At the same time, with the rising domestic labor costs and transportation costs, the rising pressure of manufacturing costs in the industry is increasing. Only in this way can enterprises with large-scale production and operation capabilities effectively control costs and continuously occupy market heights. In addition, new high-end dressings will be the future industry technology development trend, and the research and development of high-end dressings and clinical trials need to invest a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, only the industry leading enterprises can use their own industrial operation ability and brand influence to obtain the required development of capital, high-end R&D talents and other scarce resources. Therefore, the market share of the industry will gradually concentrate to the leading enterprises in the industry, and the industry concentration will be further improved.

(3) High-end medical materials will be more widely used

Modern medical theory has proved that wound closure is a continuous dynamic process, which is a process of interaction between thin and cell, thin and cell matrix and soluble media. Breakthrough progress has been made in the research of wound healing in recent decades



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