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The Various Uses of Die-cutting Machine

Many of us should be familiar with die-cutting machines! There are numerous applications for die-cutting machines, such as shining in the adhesive products industry, serving as insulation materials, and being used in paper packaging and shockproof products. Die-cutting machines have many different purposes, and below is an explanation provided by FUMART.

(1) Die-cutting machines are commonly used in paper packaging, including corrugated paper, wrapping paper, and cardboard.

(2) In recent years, with the widespread application of shielding materials, die-cutting machines have also gradually been utilized with copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive fabric, and absorbing materials.

(3) Die-cutting machines can be used in shockproof products, including spring rubbers, rubber, clear foot pads, etc., showcasing excellent elasticity to fully demonstrate their functions.

(4) Die-cutting machines can be utilized for specialty rubber pads for electronics, silicone adhesives, Velcro, conductive adhesives, strong double-sided adhesives, and other adhesive products. They also play a crucial role in the use of adhesive products in the IT industry for membrane switches and in the automotive manufacturing industry.

(5) As dustproof materials for cotton pads, camera cotton, high-density sponges, filter cotton, dust nets, non-woven fabrics, etc., die-cutting machines provide convenience to users by saving cleaning processes. They can also be used as insulation materials in fireproof paper, aluminum foil, copper foil, PVC, PET, kraft paper, sponge sleeves, pearl sleeves, etc. Market research reveals that die-cutting machines are highly effective when utilized as insulation materials.

The above is the entirety of the content explained by FUMART. For more information on die-cutting machines, die-cut blades, and die-cutting processing questions, feel free to follow our page at FUMART.



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