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How Adhesives Frame Scrreen Protector Work in Rotary Die Cutting Machines

The Science Behind Screen Protector Adhesives and rotary die cutting machines


Have you ever wondered how screen protectors stick to our devices or how screen printing frames maintain their adhesion? The secret lies in the use of high-quality screen frame adhesives and advanced cutting technology, such as rotary die cutting systems. In this article, we will explore world of adhesive screen protectors, screen printing frame adhesives, and the machines that make it all possible, including the automatic laser rotary die cutting machine, rotary die press, and rotary die cutter.

How Screen Protector Stick and Screen Frame Adhesives:

Screen protectors are made from materials such as tempered glass or plastic film and are designed to protect the delicate screens of our devices from scratches, dirt, and damage. The key to their functionality is in the adhesive that binds the protector to the device screen. This adhesive screen protector is usually made of highly efficient sticky substances such as silicone, which allows for a firm grip without leaving any residue when removed.

Similarly, screen printing frame adhesives play a vital role screen remains securely attached to the frame during the printing process. These adhesives need to be strong enough to withstand the pressure exerted during printing while maintaining their bond to avoid any damage or misalignment.

How to Fix Adhesive on Screen Protector:

If your screen protector starts to lose its adhesive properties, there are a few to fix it. First, clean both the device screen and screen protector thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, or smudges that may be affecting the adhesive bond. You can also use a hairdryer to warm the adhesive, making it more malleable and easier to reapply. Ensure that the screen protector is correctly aligned and then apply pressure to help the adhesive bond to the device screen.

Automatic Laser Rotary Die Cutting Machine:

The automatic laser rotary die cutting machine is a highly advanced and efficient cutting tool used for producing high-quality adhesive shapes for screen protectors and screen printing frames. With its precision laser cutting technology, the machine ensures that the adhesive materials are cut accurately and consistently for a perfect fit. The system can handle large volumes of materials, making it ideal for mass production of adhesive shapes.

Rotary Die Press and Rotary Die Cutting System Machine:

Rotary die presses and rotary die cutting system machines work hand in hand to produce precise screen frame adhesives. The rotary die press applies pressure to the material, while the rotary die cutting system machine uses a custom-made rotary cutting die to cut the material into the desired shape and size. The waste material is then removed through a waste removal system or suction, leaving high-quality adhesive shapes ready for application.

Rotary Cutting Die China:

China is home to numerous manufacturers specializing in the production of rotary cutting dies. These manufacturers ensure that their rotary cutting dies are of high quality and precisely designed to meet the specific requirements of their clients in various industries, including screen protector and screen printing adhesive production.

Rotary Die Cutter:

A rotary die cutter is an essential tool in the production of adhesive screen protectors and screen printing frame adhesives. This machine is highly versatile and can cut a wide range of materials, includinghes, films, and foams, with high precision and accuracy. Rotary die cutters ensure that large volumes of adhesive shapes are produced quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for mass production.


The world of adhesive screen protectors and screen printing frame adhesives relies on advanced technology and high-quality materials best results. Rotary die cutting machines, such as the automatic laser rotary die cutting machine, rotary die press, and rotary die cutter, play a crucial role producing precise adhesive shapes for these applications. With the continuous development of these machines and adhesive materials, we can look forward to even more durable and efficient screen protection and screen printing solutions in the future.



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